If your carpets are starting to show signs of wear and have waves, bulges or tears, then you might be in need of carpet stretching.

Everyday usage of your carpets can leave them wrinkled, wavy or with unsightly bulges. When this happens, carpet stretching can usually eliminate the problems and leave you with a wonderful looking carpet.

Correcting wrinkling problems as soon as you notice them can extend the life of your plush floor coverings. Carpet stretching is affordable and helps protect from uneven wear, and we are certified to do the job for you.

When a carpet is installed, it is usually stretched out and secured at the margins with tacks. However, over time, the carpet can come loose due to high traffic or just everyday normal usage.

When carpeting comes even slightly loose, wrinkles will form. In order to remove the wrinkles from your carpet, you must perform a simple carpet stretching procedure, and your carpet will be back to looking new in no time.

There are several reasons that ripples develop:

• Normal wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas

• Moving heavy furniture by dragging it

• Low-quality or mismatched underlay (carpet pad)

• Temperature and humidity changes

• Excessive heat and water from wet cleaning methods

• Installation errors

Carpet stretching will correct the common problems of wrinkles, ripples and lumps. Professional power carpet stretching will fix all of these problems, and help prevent them from coming back.

We can restore your carpet quickly and easily, with a three-year guarantee.

• Our technicians have been trained and certified in repair, restoration and carpet stretching.

• We move your furniture

• One-stop cleaning, repair and stretching

• The proper experience; the proper tools; the proper methods

• Complete customer satisfaction

Our professionally trained technicians will go over all your options and give you a free estimate.

High traffic carpets sometimes tear, separate at the seams, or go wavy. Contact us at 0161 706 1576 to learn how re-stretching your carpet solves seam tear issues, and to receive your free estimate on carpet stretching.


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