Have you ever experienced the devastating effects of excess water in your home?

Whether from excess rain or a broken pipe, flooding can wreak havoc on your home and belongings.

When a flooding emergency occurs, you need expert help - and you need it fast. Our trained technicians are on call 24/7.

Company Name's expert team of highly trained and certified master plumbers, emergency first responders, water damage specialists, and restoration technicians will work together to find and stop the water damage, extract the water, dry your property, and rebuild broken or destroyed structural components.

When seconds count, you need a water extraction company that can move quickly and has the resources to effectively contain your loss, fast.

We arrive on the scene with powerful, state-of-the-art equipment that extracts the water from your home.

• Drying equipment helps prevent property water damage like swelling and warping of floors, walls or furniture.

• Industrial grade dehumidifiers minimize secondary water damage, like mold and mildew.

• High-speed air movers create airflow across walls, carpets, pads and furniture, further evaporating moisture.

• Some situations call for special drying techniques that require state of the art equipment and training – We can provide this.

We Get the Water Out

• Extraction equipment is brought into the home.

• Any freestanding water is removed.

• Water is extracted from carpet, padding and upholstery.

• If necessary, carpet and/or padding may be removed for proper drying.

• Professional grade drying and dehumidifying equipment is used to dry the affected areas and return the humidity levels in your home to normal.

• Special instruments will be used to identify hidden pockets of water.

• Our professionals will monitor the drying process daily, repositioning drying equipment as needed.

Proper extraction and drying techniques are vital to help minimize the possibility of secondary damage and potential microbial growth, and reduce overall costs.

We are the experts you can trust.

Call our 24 x 7 Emergency Water Extraction service today, and we will be at your home within 1 hour to fix your problem.

So, if you need water damage removal services you can trust, please call us today on 0161 706 1576.


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